Hija de tu Madre

Happy Mother’s Day! / Feliz Día de las Madres!

The beauty of being Latina on this special day is that we get to celebrate twice! Mexicana mamas celebrate Día de las Madres on May 10th every year. Here in Canada the date we celebrate Mother’s Day changes every year, but is always in the beginning of May. Así que, felicidades a las mamás!!

Grab some taquitos de huevo con chorizo and a te calientito, because I’m dedicating this post to my own Mama!

Although she celebrated on Friday, like I said – Latina moms have double Mother’s Days. Friday we surprised her with flowers ordered from a local flower shop in their neighbourhood in TBay. She was so surprised and grateful for her flowers, chocolates and message from her peques, as she calls them, her grandchildren. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this thoughtful gesture in previous years, but I’m glad I did.

Every mom sacrifices so much for their children and families. I can attest to this as I am now a mother myself. Sacrifice: one of the hardest but most meaningful and rewarding acts one can do for themselves and others. Motherhood is sacrifice.

My mama was a teacher in Mexico, and even became the principal of a kindergarten school in a small town called Pueblo Viejo. Being 1 of 7 siblings, she was the only one to not pursue her education in English, but the only one to eventually live in an English speaking country. As she would say, “por mensa” jajaja.

Moving to Canada with the guero de ojos azules, my dad, she left her career, family and friends, and her entire life behind. Mama Poderosa!! Now we see where I get it from. She never returned to her career path here, since she lacked English language skills. Quite honestly, she was passionate of her new role as a mother and housewife.

Some may look at that and think ay que triste, pobrecita. Pero no! I look at that and say que chingona! Can you imagine how hard that must have been?! But she did it. Con ganas. She became the best mother and wife you could ever imagine. Too good actually, because now the expectations I’ve set for myself are practically unattainable.

She sacrificed. Everything. By concentrating on us and our home life, she never improved her English, she never continued her career, she was far away from her own family and culture, and she was in one of the coldest, non-diverse cities (at the time) in all of Ontario, Canada.

But why look at those as negatives? I don’t. Because she made those sacrifices and much more, it in turn gave me so much more. Because she lacked English skills, my Spanish skills thrived. Because she didn’t have a career, I had her full attention and presence at all times. Because she was far away from her own family and culture, she desperately held on to all of it and instilled it in me. Not to mention, we were fortunate to go visit or family in Mexico every year. Que padre!

Because of her sacrifice and limitations she set for herself, she enriched my life with the most valuable and greatest gifts I could have ever received. Spanish language, cultura mexicana and lots and lots of amor. & for that I am forever grateful and blessed to have that mama I have.

Feliz Dia de las Madres!! Te amo!

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