Spicy Mami, Hot Tamale

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there, Abuelas, Tias, Primas, Madrinas, Amigas – you are all Mamas Poderosas!!

Feeling extra inspired today after acknowledging all the amazing mamas who surround me. There is no perfect mama, there is no pro-mama status, you don’t earn a certificate, there’s no medals or trophies. But there is YOU. Mama, you are their world and don’t you forget it. You are selfless, hard working, loving, fun, and perfect for your child. There is no other you. So treat yo’ self! I’m having another Te, because honestly, I’m cold. Where is summer even?!

The days are long, but the weeks, months and years fly by. We know how hard parenting can be, especially if you’re a parent. But we also need a reminder of just how wonderful these hard times really are. Whether you have your chamacos by your side, blessed into the loving arms of another, or welcomed with open arms into yours, waiting for you up in heaven, or anxiously awaiting those two pink lines on a test, you might even be yaking from morning sickness right now – whatever your journey may be, these lil babes have changed you already and there’s no going back. Your corazon is fuller, your actions are selfless, your words are softer, your faith is stronger, and you are a better you. You’re a mama.

So celebrate today and everyday. Be in the moment, appreciate the quiet, find the fun in the chaos, and celebrate those small victories. Time flies – believe it and cherish it. Arriba las Mamas!!

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