Las consentidas

Hola! I hope all the mamas out there were las consentidas of their familias for their Mother’s day. But, if I know motherhood as well as I think I do, I’m sure you still had mommying to do. As for mi dia de las madres, it was the ultimate representation of being a mama. No snacks this time, but I hope you’re enjoying something like platanos fritos, delicioso!

Sunday May 12, 2019 was Mother’s Day. I woke up to some wonderful messages from my mama, comadres & amigas while being told to stay in bed. Now that is something I will never question, I love sleep. I could hear the kids giving mi esposo a hard time downstairs already, but I remained patiently waiting in my warm, cozy bed.

Here come mis chamacos stomping up the stairs, rustling bags and yelling “moooommmm!! waaaake uuuup!!” They reach my bedside and put a big bag beside me: “Happy Mother’s Day!!” I love their faces. Tan hermosos. I open it up to find a white, Acer Chromebook that I had pointed out last week at Best Buy. Ayyy Gracias!! He really does listen! Jajaja.

This was so special to me because I had just started this whole Blog thing a few days ago and this would allow me to take my writing anywhere. The card was also amazing. It’s become a new tradition, as it is the only card he can find in Spanish: Mamacita. I immediately opened up my chromebook and set the card as my background. Now I can see it every time I open it up to write, and I’m reminded of the thoughtfulness and amor I have from mi familia. Los amo!!

Then we started our day. Rush to the movie theatre for the opening weekend of the new Pokemon Movie: Detective Pikachu. I was hesitant agreeing to this when mi esposo, who is also a teacher, asked me if we would be interested in going with students and their families from his grade 1 class who had invited him. Really? On Dia de las Madres? The one day that is supposed to be all about me?! Okaaaaay, bueno, we’ll go. It’ll be fun, they said. Jajaja Claaaaroooo.

You know how it goes when you’re heading out with your familia. Yeah, you’re running around like a pollo sin cabeza making sure you have everything you may possibly need: backpack, water bottles, snacks, wipes, diapers for Mireya, snacks, where is Javi’s water bottle?, get your shoes on please, stop pulling toys out we just cleaned up and did I mention SNACKS?! Ay ay ay!! Ya ni quiero ir. Pero, whatever – let’s do this.

We were welcomed by his students and their familias and they were muy, pero muy excited. I was of course out of breathe from carrying Mireya and mi esposo was already sweating from rushing and pulling Javi along, but yessssss Hiiiiii soooooo exciiited!! Jajaja. All good. I tell them, go sit down and get settled and I will grab our popcorn and drinks, because you know we didn’t already pack one of every snack from our pantry. *eye roll* But right then, one of the students’ moms approached us with a whole tray including drinks, popcorn and hot dogs for our familia! Wow. Muchas gracias mama!!

I was so taken back by their thoughtfulness of inviting us, but now I almost felt guilty for somewhat not wanting to go. Mom guilt. Lo peor. Here I’m left with a choice: I can either continue to sulk and feel bad, almost embarrassed and ashamed for not being thrilled about attending. OR I can be present. Being present will allow me to see what’s real without my mind wandering into that infierno of a place you don’t wanna be in.

I chose to be present. Present to recognise that I chose to attend the event with mi familia – as did the other moms. We could have blown it off and gone to a spa or brunch or cualquier otra cosa, but we didn’t. We chose to be with our familias and other Mamas Poderosas. So we went in and enjoyed la pelicula.

As I sat there, looking at Javi so captivated by the movie and holding, cuddling Mireya, with mi esposo – I felt complete, feliz, proud and my corazon was full of amor. That’s all you really want on a day like Mother’s Day. After the movie, the students and their familias surprised mi esposo with a mini belated birthday celebration, and cake! Queremos pastel, queremos pastel!!

So grateful for a school community like this one. They went out of their way to celebrate mi esposo for being el mejor teacher ever. Que orgullo!! So. Proud. Y la verdad, I’m glad I got some down time surrounded by mamas who worked together to make sure we all had a relaxing time and that we were all las consentidas. Muchas Gracias.

The day continued by visiting mis chamacos’ other grandmother, Lola and their great grandmother, Nanay. Mis chamacos are so blessed to have both sets of grandparents and a great grandparent to love them watch them grow. We brought them some pretty flores and took some pics, you know, do it for the ‘gram.

I was exhausted. And quite honestly, I wanted to get to mi casa so I could open this chromebook back up and start writing. We made a plan of attack: nap time for the kids, quick bite to eat for us and quiet, alone time for this mama. Ufff, vale sonar diria mi mama.

We made it to step two of our plan. Now for the best part: my writing time. But I go grab the laundry basket first, because if I don’t, those whites are going to sit in the basement for another 3 days. Walk past the kids’ cuartos, both asleep – perfecto! Drop the laundry basket on my floor, I’ll get to that later.

I hear humming. Humming?! Pero quien canta?? I slowly turn around to see mi pequenita, mas hermosa, bebesita tan linda, Mireya – covered, plastered, layered, globs hanging between her fingers of PENATEN. If you’re not familiar with Penaten, it’s essentially a bum cream for babies to make their skin waterproof to avoid rashes. Hija de tu pin…ma… !!!! Traeme la chancla!

Just kidding, no chanclasos were involved, but ganas no me faltaban. I burst out laughing, unas carcajadas!! How could I be upset? It was almost impressive that she made it into our room, our washroom – ever so quietly, closing her door behind her to not leave any evidence behind of her escape into mischief. She was a glob of Penaten. If you’ve ever seen those memes that show children who have gotten into the flour or soap or paint, mi chamaca was one of those.

It was everywhere. Her face, chest, tummy, thighs, arms and of course her hands. I grabbed my phone and started to record and take pictures, because let’s face it – this is quality material for her quinces or her boda one day.

Mi esposo came in shocked to see her like this. We managed to scrape most of it off, but she was still lathered. Y ahora que? Como ching… vamos a quitarle esto?! My go to for any skin removal remedies: Makeup remover wipes. Ay Gracias a Dios, they worked. Cleaned her up, had a belly ache from laughing so much and managed to still be productive – I mean, she did have a bath right? Small victories, mama. Inhala, exhala. Jajaja.

Some may say my Dia de las Madres wasn’t anything like a Mother’s Day at all, pero si lo fue. It was a day full of reminders of my beautiful role as a mama, uplifted by other mamas alike and time well spent with mi familia. Even Mireya’s desmadre, although chaotic, made for a great memory and sensory play for herself. Look at the positives mama, they’re everywhere. La vida es tan bonita, embrace it. Con ganas.

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