Mis Comadres

Aqui andamos, mi gente. Thanks for checking out my page!! Whether it’s your first visit, or 10th, muchas gracias for all the amor! I can’t get over this amazing Spring weather that we have been having over this May Long weekend. Feels. Muy. Good. Mis chamacos are napping, bless their souls, and we are heading over to my comadres casa for a playdate. La verdad, we were just there last night for their Annual May Long House Party (no chamacos allowed, best rule ever jejeje). This girl msgs me to come back over today for the chamacos to play, because ella sabe, we need to lounge and the chamacos need to keep each other busy. Now that, mi gente, is a comadre. Asi que, grab your esnack, el mio is some Nacho Doritos with lime and salsa valentina – which was suggested to me from a fellow mama-night-off party attendee from anoche. Vamos a chismear!

Una Comadre: Literally, a co-mama to your chamacos. Una mujer that will be your double if need be, most likely is a Madrina (Godmother) to one or all of your chamacos, she is the clamato to your michelada, and the first person you msg or call for chismes.

Comadres are not like any other amigas. They are special, sent from God to help you through all of your ups & downs, the fun and the chaos, and be there for you when you can’t seem to be there for yourself. Comadre status isn’t achievable through time, or favours, or gifts – Comadres become Comadres through their hearts, their words and their actions. Saint-like mujeres to help you through this ‘hood (motherhood) with your chamacos preciosos.

My chamacos have been blessed with two Madrinas each. We decided to choose two sets of Padrinos (Godparents) for each of them, allowing us to choose a male and female from both sides of our familias. Their Madrinas are undoubtedly mis comadres, along with a few others, and no matter where this vida loca takes us, or whatever changes may come our way, I know sin duda that they will always have my back with anything and everything. As a mama, you need some solid comadres in your vida. I can’t imagine what this whole motherhood journey would have been like without each of them.

This first comadre, V (for privacy reasons, I’ll just use their first initial), is one of our chamaco’s Madrinas. She was the first one I had chosen and I knew she would be honoured and excited to have such an important role in Javi’s life. V is young, was even younger then jajaja, only 16 at the time, pero she is like a hermanita to me. She’s special because it was through reconnecting with her and her mama, that I didn’t feel so alone when I first moved here. They became familia for me here, and they were also a good way to connect with the Latino community here in Toronto. V let’s me relive such momentous and memorable experiences of growing into the mujer and mama that I am today. She keeps me youthful and in the scene jaja. It’s even better because she comes as a combo pack with her mom, G. G is only 10 years older than I am, and V is 10 years younger than I am. Osea, I’m the happy medium jajaja. Pero enserio, I get a guide and role model of a mama, a girl that reminds me of my pre-mama days and let’s me relive some of them with her, plus, I get an amazing Madrina for my chamaco AND I get to be a different point of view for V when her mama goes off on her jajaja. We all work together y que mas quisieras? That’s what it’s all about.

Then we have C, Javi’s other Madrina. We actually call her Ninang, because my chamacos are MexiPinos (Mexican/Filipinos) AKA “halo halo” babies jejeje. <– Some Tagalog for you & that’s all I know unless it’s the words that are Spanish. C used to live here and she is one of mi esposo’s primas that I became close to. Unfortunately for us, but fortunate for her jaja – she moved to Hawaii and just became a mama herself, so felicidades!! Despite being far away, she always makes an effort to keep contact through msgs, facetimes, pics, and gifts for the chamacos. This girl even msg’d and facetimed me through her labour!! Pero que?! I know, she is a chingona. Now, we get to share motherhood together and it’s lo mejor. I love sharing tips and resources with her, and I love hearing all her stories and questions – it brings back all the memories.

Las Madrinas de mi chamaca, Mireya. First we have A. A is a bestie from University and she is also a French maestra. We met, clicked and never looked back. Esta mujer is poderosa. She is so driven, accomplished and ambitious with a heart of oro. A keeps me motivated and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. No importa la hora, the distance (she’s out in Vancouver, PERO! Returning to Ontario soon and we cannot wait!), or the cost – she. will. be. there. “I gotchu” is our saying and she even said it in her speech at my wedding jaja. En verdad, she believes in me even more than I believe in myself sometimes. Y eso, chismosas, is a real one.

M. M isn’t even one of her 4 real initials. Que, que?! Ya se, it’s confusing for me too jajaja. Pero for this purpose, she will be S, because of same initials and we don’t want to be extra confusing, plus its an actual initial for her! <– and I know she’s laughing reading that. De todos modos, S was like this bonus package of a mujer that was placed in my path, through mi esposo, to legit be a comadre. She was an amiga for all of one evening and got promoted right away, because well – 0ops, here comes Javi. Jajaja, like I’ve explained before, Javi was not planned. And neither was becoming comadres with S, but God had his own plans and sent us both some baby boys to instantly make us comadres. S guided my way through pregnancy, which I was so nervous and felt so lost experiencing it “alone” – by alone, osea, none of my amigas were having babies at the time, and I had no one to talk to about it yet because we hadn’t even announced. Pero, since S was 3 weeks ahead of me, she had already announced and I couldn’t resist – le dije.

I have to add R in here too. Por que, R, was also pregnant with a boy in between S and I. No pos guaaaawww, ni puede ser. Ya se, it was a locura for sure. R is also one of mi esposo’s amigas. They grew up together in the same neighbourhood, same elementary and high school, and both became maestros as well. Asi que, between S and R, I had my pregnancy path cleared and stomped out before I walked it. Gracias mujeres jejeje.

We shared everything about motherhood, and still do! We shared our first pregnancies together, the recovery, the breastfeeding, the mat leave vida, the going back to work, the “omg that girl don’t even talk to me no more” chismes, the let’s get pregnant again, the let’s go out BadGyalMom traditions, the my chamaco is a terror today que hago?! E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. We are so bendecinas to have one another. S and I ended up having our chamacas 4 months apart and are Ninangs to each other’s mini. As for R, pues ella is headed to the Dominicana next weekend to marry the amor de su vida & we couldn’t be happier for her!! She will bring a next lil babe into the crew, hopefully soon jeje.

Then we have, M. Again, another one of mi esposo’s friends, from high school. Yes, okay okay, lo admito – I steal his amigas, ya! Pero, no es mi culpa, they like me just as much, I’m fun too jeje. De todos modos, M, I met for the first time at my baby shower for Javi. We became closer as Javi became older and could play with her chamaco. We bonded over being mamas to some pretty cool boys, and even mas over rediscovering who we are now, as mujeres after becoming mamas. Muy importante. She always checks in, encourages me, and is a strong shoulder to learn on during some dark times. She is very cool, calm and collected – when I’m more like fuego, apurada and un desmadre jaja. We balance each other out pretty well I’d say.

Lastly, I wanna mention another M. This is a newer comadre to me, pero I knew from time she was brought to my vida for algun razon. M just had her second baby girl, so felicidades mujer!! She just hosted us yesterday with her toddler and newborn, fed us pizza and all – pure mama poderosa. I met M through R, and they are quite the pair I must say jaja. She is so genuine and sweet, so hardworking, and an amazing mama. She has this go with the flow vibe about her and is very focused on her vida and familia. You won’t catch much of her on social media, she’s not at every event and not trying to people please. M is someone who will tell you la verdad, even if it’s not what you want to hear. Y aveces, that’s what we need.

So now that I’ve pretty much created my own intro for a reality TV show, like Texicanas, someone link me if you want to hire my squad jajaja. We jokes, stillllll. Pero en verdad, your comadres are all, individually, representations of who you are. Each one of them serves a purpose to your vida, not in a selfish way, pero in a genuine way. Y eso is what you most appreciate most about them, because it’s what you offer to others as well. We all need some down comadres, whether they are mamas or not, they support us, root for us, care for us, and are always there for us. These are the kind of gente we need to surround ourselves with, and our familias – mas nuestros hijos, to ensure positive and safe influences.

So go share this blog post with your comadres, show them how much you appreciate them by planning a night to watch Texicanas on Slice, and cop them some comadre gear from Street Glam Shop!!

IG: @shop.streetglam or check them out at http://www.streetglamshop.com

De nada, chismosas!!

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