Dime con quien andas, y te dire quien eres.

Title brought to you by, every Latina mama. Y es la verdad!! Buenas noches mi gente, thank you for coming back for more chisme. I am loving this creative outlet and am even more thrilled about hearing your reactions and thoughts on my posts. Muchas gracias!! Tonight, I have no esnacks, as I’ve already had 6 pieces of pizza and am praying I don’t get heartburn. Ay ay ay, pero que rico no? Ni modo, asi pasa. Let’s recap my fin de semana.

This weekend was May Long for us, which gave us today (Monday) off! Esoooo!! Me gusta, me gusta! I love long weekends, although they never actually feel long. Como dicen, time flies when you’re having fun. And when you’re surrounded by amazing people.

Nipsey Hussle (RIP) said, “If you look at the people in your circle and don’t get inspired, then you don’t have a circle, you have a cage.” Let that sink in. … … … Asi es. The people you surround yourself with will ultimately have a direct impact on you. They can uplift you, inspire you, motivate you, even challenge you – pero, with that comes el oposito too. They can bring you down, shut your ideas down, undermine you, and even insult you without even realising it. Who has time for that? Not me, probably not you either.

Pick and choose who you let into your circle. This doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be a cabrona to people either. Perdon pero, no mean girl pendejada here. Lo que digo is that you are careful, cautious, aware – stay woke! Jajaja towards those who you grant access to your time, energy, y vibras. Especially after becoming a mama, your time becomes extra precioso. Your evenings, weekends, holidays and even those “sick” days que tomas is meaningful time to be cherished. Don’t let no waste mans into it.

Luckily para mi, I got to spent my long weekend surrounded by some of my circle. Friday night, la verdad, I was still pretty stressed from my work week. Asi que, ponte a limpiar! Jajaja, yup, I cleaned this house from top to bottom and set up the chamacos’ bathroom – so they are officially out of ours! Aplausos por favor!! Jajaja. This also meant mi casa would stay clean and tidy because we had plans and wouldn’t be around to mess it all up again.

Sabado, we went to visit a comadre who just had her second baby girl, she is tan bella! Fresh baby snuggles were amazing, y lo mejor is I suffered no baby fever. Winning. Despues, we ditched the chamacos with mi suegra, and we were on or way to a house jam. Time to get liiiiiit.

Baker Hill Bistro, where anyone can be a DJ, reserve your booth now. Jajaja. That’s mi comadres casa. No trace of any chamacos, BBQ is on, jello shots are being passed around, beer bongs come out, all the esnacks are laid out and the casa starts filling up with her circle. I know most of her circle from previous events, pero this was different porque I had no chamacos to chase after and could actually have a converstation. I got to know some of her other comadres who I always hear about and see on the ‘gram, y ahora we’re amigas too. They even brought up my blog, like que padre! Everyone was so welcoming and fun, pura buena vibra. Si me conoces, you know I don’t even drink anymore, pero I had a blast with no hangover the next day. Winning again.

El SundayFunDay, we went back to Baker Hill Bistro jajaja. In all fairness, there were more hotdogs to be grilled and eaten, and jello shots to finish. Gotta do whatchu gotta do. Normalmente, we go to church for the 11am Mass. Perdon Dios, we will be there next weekend. *Insert sign of the cross here* We lounged, ate, laughed, yelled at the chamacos, laughed some more, y la pasamos muy bien.

Por la tarde, mi esposo had his primo come over for his first private lesson in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). As I’ve mentioned, mi esposo is a brown belt and we just recently transformed half of our basement into a training space, so he was beyond excited to get this started. Tambien, los Raptors were playing so we ordered some pollo from Swiss Chalet and enjoyed the game. Also, Raptors won. Still winning.

Lunes, principio de semana, no voy a trabajar! jajaja, if you sang those lyrics out, you are mi gente. Such an old song, pero every time I start a sentence with a day of the week I can’t help myself. And fitting, because I really didn’t go to work today jaja. Hoy, we took it easy, slow paced, got some groceries and had some amigos over. Mi comadre and her familia came by so our chamacos could play and we caught up on some chisme. A bit of reality though, Javi didn’t nap and had about 4 meltdowns and at least 3 time outs, and Mireya was all over the place with her sassy self. Pero, we get it and it doesn’t give me that “ay que pena” feeling anymore. Win, Win, Win.

Que piensas? Too many events? Mucha gente? Where was the down time? Maybe. Pero, with esta gente and these energias, it wasn’t too much. Usually, I feel drained with a busy weekend like that, pero this one was filled with gente from our circle. Instead of every event taking away energia, I felt like it was being replenished by those around me. Catching up, meeting new gente, having meaningful conversations, spending quality time doing things we love with gente we appreciate and who appreciate us, is inspiring. This flow is crucial to have in your circle. So be choosey & trust those vibras, mama. Happy May Long!

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