This wild vida

Dulce Domingo (sweet Sunday) a toda mi gente! Welcome back chismosos y gracias for returning or checking this out for the first time. Salioooo el sooooool – yup, another reggaeton song reference jaja So good, love la musica latina. Pero, it’s finally sunny! Feels muy rico to be out in the sunny sunshine – ah! I’ve missed this. De todos modos, I’m writing again today porque 1. mis chamacos are napping and it is blissful en mi casa when it is completely calladita. 2. I wanted to share with you why I started this blog page in the first place y lo que les espera by coming back every time for more chisme. Y 3. A new oppotunity has come my way y me siento muy excited!! Unos takis para botonear (esnacking) y vamonos!

Otro mom Blog. I’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog post, sobre how I felt when I first had the desire to start blogging. Pues, it was this: *cue eye roll*. Pero porque? No se, I felt so insecure y vulnerable to essentially expose myself, y eso made me so nerviosa. Knowing that todos could access and read it all?! Pero isn’t that the point? Obviamente. So then why do it? Porque I loooooove writing, porque I feel like someone out there could relate and not feel like the only one, porque I like to chismear jaja and I want to show mis chamacos that you really can do anything you want to en esta wild vida.

It took me 2 years to really explore this thought process more and determine how badly I actually wanted to do it. Y despues it took me another 2 months to really push myself to finally start. Y de ahi, another week to actually open this page on WordPress and another 2 weeks to make my IG page to help support it. Fue un processo for sure. Y la verdad, is that I questioned myself after every single step along the way, y aun lo hago.

What held me back so much? Un poco de todo. I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read what I have to say, why would anyone care, I don’t have perfect pictures or “IG worthy” images to post, I’m far from being the perfect mama or esposa or amiga, I don’t have the latest fashion trends or magazine worthy casa decor, and I’m a teacher pero my classroom is definitely not anything off Pinterest. Ay, ay, ayyyyyy. My biggest pause button was, “I don’t want to be copying anyone”. Pero, the more I searched, the more I found, y la verdad was that TODOS were copying somebody. This made me think… wonder… like if they can, porque not me? Nahhhhh, I still didn’t want to be another copier.

Hasta que I read these books by Austin Kleon. One of his chapters is fully about being a copier. El explica how everything in esta vida is a cycle of gente creating, sharing and imitating. W’re not the first, ni los ultimos. That’s how it works to create things: you find those who have already done it all, the ones you look up to, who inspire you and who are doing what you want to be doing. You study them, follow them, imitate them. Lo importante is that it’s VARIOUS gente. If you’re just copying una persona, you’re ripping them off and stealing their work, especially if you’re not giving credit where it’s due. Y la verdad, you won’t be able to do it the same, porque you’re not them asi que don’t even waste your time. Biters are not shido. Pero, if you have various different inspirations, that get your creative jugos going, then you will create something unique to YOU. Y eso, chismosos, is what will make it YOUR OWN.

AH HA! Negativo al positivo. Ese negativity made me question myself, well what do I have? What do I want to show? What do I long to see on IG or read about on a blog? What do I want to represent? Why should I share it? All those things I pointed out that I didn’t have or couldn’t offer, weren’t me de todos modos. I don’t represent any of those things, asi que why would I try to be something I’m not? This made me dig real deep and soul search as to what I felt so adamant about writing for. I began spending more time with myself, which turned out to be super beneficial for my anxiety, y ademas lead me to find answers to questions that were tormenting me. Tambien, I did research: I read blogs, I listened to podcasts, I followed certain types of IG gente that were inspiring and motivating for me, I read books and started talking more openly about my strengths and my weaknesses.

I began to surround myself with what I wanted to be, where I want it to go, and what I wanted to do y lo de mas followed. Reading was one of my biggest motivators for writing. Pues claro, they go hand in hand with one another – anybody could tell you that. Pero enserio, one of my favourite reads during this time was: You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. <– The title speaks for itself, and it SPOKE to me. Ese libro was everything I needed to read and more. So many things you know, pero you forget to acknowledge in the hustle bustle of todos los dias. This libro made me re-realize (I don’t know if that’s even a word or a thing we say, pero I said it and it makes sense to me jaja) so much about myself and mi vida so that I could do something with it. Entonces, I did. I opened up this page and began writing.

What would I write about? What would I share? Pues la respuesta is pretty universal for any artist, whether a painter, a writer, a singer, a poet, a photographer – create what YOU want to see in the world, what YOU want to read, what YOU want to hear. Y eso fue mi respuesta.

Yo quiero ver an IG page that isn’t all matchy matchy, with the perfect filters, staged in a magazine worthy casa, with inaccurate images of what motherhood is all about. Yo quiero connect with other Latina mamas here in Toronto, in all of Canada and start putting ourselves on the map – like Oye, estamos aqui too! Yo quiero leer stories and experiencias of a mama who isn’t perfect, pero tries her damn best todos los dias. Yo quiero bridge this gap between Latinas in the US & Canada and unite as poderosas. Yo quiero identificar with other Latina mamas and give them someone they can relate to and chismear! Yo quiero leer more things in both of my languages, porque ya sabes that not everything sounds the same when you translate it! Y quiero que todas las mamas, no importa where you’re from, tengan acceso to a vibrant, fun, hilarious, motivating and inspiring, Spanglish, educada y aveces struggling – resource of a Mama Poderosa.

So keep coming back to el chisme spot, porque aqui chismosos, we can talk about anything and everything. I will be keeping it real with you sobre todo in this ‘hood (motherhood) and do my best to keep you updated with all things Latino that come my way. Even if you’re not Latina (most of my crew isn’t de todos modos) this blog and my IG page will add some cultura, Spanglish and esnacks inspiration into your vida.

Y lo estoy haciendo. Right now, as you read this blog, you are helping my dreams come true. Y te lo agradezco sincerely from the bottom of mi corazon. Through this blog and my IG account (@mama.poderosa) I’ve managed to start bridging that gap I mentioned above, and have connected with an amazing group of Latina mamas in the US . One of which has an online shop of super cute Tees for mamas y los chamacos, and I have been chosen to be a brand ambassador!! I will be representing Vida + Wild here in Toronto, Canada!! I am her FIRST Canadian rep, asi que *cue la musica* because I am beyond thrilled and honoured!

Para darles las gracias (to thank you) for checking out my blog & following me on IG, use my code CHAMACOS15 at the checkout to receive 15% off your order from Vida + Wild!

Vida + Wild: super cute tees for mamas y los chamacos. Spanglish sayings, powerful messages, inclusiveness, collaborations for special causes, and above all, the owner and creator is a hard working, talented, Latina mama of 3 in San Antonio. Check out her website and follow her on IG @vidaandwild. Rooting for all Latinas Poderosas.

*Pic from @vidaandwild*

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