El tiempo se va como el agua

Hola mi gente!! It has been quite a long minute! I have been super occupada with the end of the escuela year and our familia time en la casa. It’s been a bit wild to keep up with everything, asi que I had to reprioritize many things in order to not overwhelm myself y mi familia. El tiempo se va como agua! Running from work to casa for dinner, rushing to Tee-Ball or grabbing groceries, bath time y a dormir! The days have been just flying by! I’ve missed you, I’ve missed this, y mi tiempo de chismear! Pero aqui estamos, so let’s catch up. Galletas Cannelitas all the way from Mexico to esnack on hoy, gracias a mi mama. Vamonos!  

I read this quote (or meme, algo que me salio en el IG) el otro dia that really stuck with me, probablemente porque it was so fitting to what I’ve been going through these past couple of weeks. El quote decia algo about “people who say the saying <if it’s important to you, you will make time for it> is bullshit, because we have work, we have family who are sick, we have bills to be paid, children to take care of too” No se, para mi, I don’t think it’s mierda. I think that’s just la vida. Todos tenemos life going on and other external factors that may limit or put things on pause for some time, pero if it really does matter to you tu vas a hacer el tiempo or make it fit.

For instance, like this past week – mi vida got a bit hectic between el trabajo and en la casa, and when I could have chosen to write, I didn’t. No porque I don’t care about it anymore, o porque it’s not important to me, pero porque I had MORE immediate things to do and take care of in that moment. When pockets of time became available, I laid out my options and I chose the one that was most needed at the time. Quiza it was sleep, or some quiet time to read, or wind down with some Netflix y esnacks! I haven’t had the energy to bust out a blog post solo porque I felt like it has been a while and I should. La verdad es que what you think you should do and what you know you need to do sometimes may be the deciding factor in what becomes the priority for you.

If it’s important to you, you will make the time. Esto no significa how much time or what you actually do with the amount of time provided. As much as it has been hectic and I didn’t put out a blog post, I still found small ways to keep active with my blog in other ways. I have been sharing more on my IG Story, posting a pic of mis chamacos enjoying one of the activities we were busy doing (Raptors Champion Parade), participating in the brand ambassador group chat and posts, y tambien making notes on ideas that do come to mind for future writing. These are all things that are a part of my blogging journey and they are small, quick ways to still tap into this passion of mine without needing a 2 hour window of time to get something done.

Con los libros that I’ve recently received and have been overly excited about, I’ve had to do the same thing. Normalmente, I pick up a libro and if I love it, I will most likely finish it within a week. Jajaja I love to read. Pero, esta vez – I indulged with the first one and made it ¾ way through. Pues, I haven’t been able to pick it up since jajaja Anoche, I opened up another libro porque I’m just so curious as to what it was going to be like, pero I limited myself to only one chapter so that I could also get to bed at a decent hour.

There are ways to be able to make it work for you! Asi que, ese quote of the saying “if it’s important to you, you will make the time” being bullshit, is the real mierda. Porque even if you have to completely put your entire vida on hold por cualquier razon, a family member getting sick, having to take time off work, having to work extra hours, having to take on a second job for extra income, lo que sea – no importa – you’re still doing what is most important to you at that time. Priorities change, they have to change. You have to be flexible and present enough to recognize when things to be swapped out and reconsidered. Tal vez you will drop something completely, tal vez you will put something on pause, or switch things around. That’s okay, that’s great! That means that you are aware of what is going on and what changes need to be made on a day to day basis in order to fulfill your needs and the needs of your familia.

Lo unico that I can suggest in reprioritizing, making changes or having to tend to unexpected situations is to communicate. Communication is crucial. Share what you’re going through, what changes you’re making, and what is happening in your vida with those you love, trust and respect. They will appreciate it beyond words and be able to offer apoyo y amor when you need it. They may even be able to take on some tasks for you, o ayudarte with completing some. This could be an external option for freeing up some time for yourself to tap into the things you love, o quiza take a well needed break.

Aveces when you start prioritizing and making changes, you may lose gente along the way. Let the changes happen. If you’ve handled yourself correctly, with some consideration of others (especialmente if they’re close to you), they should be supportive and understanding. Y si no es asi, then you keep moving on doing what you need to do for you y tu familia. It’s not about pleasing others, pero I stand behind the idea of being clear and honest with others tambien. You can’t expect to just uproot your lifestyle and your way of being without SOME communication. Y otra vez, this is for those you consider close to you, who would be impacted by your changes.

Change can be muy bueno. Take some time to reflect on the pockets of time that you have and what you would truly enjoy doing with them. Make your dreams come true. La vida sola hay una. Vivela! Con ganas.   

*Pic from IG: @chingonamanifest <– go follow, chingonas!

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