Solo tu y yo

Orale mi gente! Happy Canada Day!!!! As much as I am orgullosa to be half Mexican, I cannot deny my heritage and birth place that is CANADA! Orgullosamente Mexicanadiense!! Como fue un long weekend, there was A LOT going on. Not only did we end the school year, but we headed into a weekend filled with gozadera y diversion! Perfect way to roll into summer, we enjoyed several activities and festivals with familia y amigos, and even squeezed in a date night! No pos guuuaaaauuu!! Verdad?! Asi que, let’s get into it! Vamos a chismear del fin and how certain moments in time feel like New Year’s, causing you to stop, step back and reflect. Y tambien, those much needed Date Nights that usually don’t happen or take much effort and planning to make sure that they do. Tengo mis palomitas con salsa Valentina, vamonos!

Viernes: work hard to play hard. El viernes we still needed to head into work for our PA Day. We both (mi esposo y yo) had Staff Meetings, needed to file report cards into OSR’s, pack up our cars with classroom stuff y unload it all en la casa. Uuufff. It was so hot too, asi que it was a sweat zone. Despues, we brought cupcakes and bubble wands for Javi’s preschool classmates in celebration of his last day. Ay Dios mio, all the emotions took over. It was SO bittersweet for this last day to come. Digo, the bank account will be grateful jaja pero, it was hard to say goodbye and close this first real educational chapter para our Javier.

Javi handed out his cards to his maestras, enjoyed his cupcake and escnaks con sus amiguitos and we said “bye Miss G, bye Miss Lisa, bye Miss Leanne” one last time. It was muy dificil to hold back mis lagrimas (tears) as I knew we would never be dropping Javi off, rushing from our car to the door, getting set up at his cubby, hearing him yell “good morning everybody!” as he walked in through the doors, and the last time we’d be greeted with explosive excitement when we picked him up. No se si Javi really understands that he had his “last preschool day” or what our small celebration was about, pero I know that he won’t forget how he felt being there every day. The love, care and attention they gave to our Javi was just beyond what my anxious self could have ever asked for or imagined.

Continuamos con all the feels, porque later that night we went to a elementary school graduation fiesta for our sobrina y prima. It’s hard to believe how rapido se va el tiempo, pero when you’re faced with all these new stages and closing the door to past adventures – it really hits you. No podemos creer that our sobrina y primita will be in higschool this fall! Like como?! When did that even happen? Jajaja. Lo bueno es que we spend these emotion filled events con familia y amigos. Going through them together makes them more sweet than bitter porque nos apoyamos.

Tambien, at the graduation fiesta I met a primo who just graduated High School and is off to the University of Ottawa in the fall. Are. You. Serious. ?!!?! Ahora, I’ve experienced preschool grad, elementary grad, YYYY High School grad all in one night. Y ademas, he’s going to OttawaU? Jajaja, Like que esta pasando?! Te juro, I can’t make this stuff up. Asi que, he started to pick my brain about Ottawa y la universidad and I couldn’t have been happier to share some of the best times of mi vida. Talk about reminiscing!

These milestones siempre me hacen step back and reflect. Reflect on my experiencias in those stages, and think of what’s to come. Somehow el presente forces me to remember el pasado and look forward to el futuro. It motivates me to act more now, para poder achieve all the things I want para el futuro. Kind of like New Year’s, cuando todos are reflecting on the year that has past, and become hopeful for the year to come. Estos momentos are so importante for us. I love the “soak it up” feeling they give. Asi que, soak it up, chismosos!!

Sabado: Amigos y amor. Sabado we celebrated a 6th birthday for our amigo’s chamaco. Este chamaco just graduated from Kindergarten and is headed to Primaria. Si, another graduate jajaja. No te digo!! De todos modos, his fiesta was hella far into la ciudad, but worth the drive! Super amazing parque with an unreal playground, inspired by nature. Casi todo of the ladders and ways to get up to the playground were like climbing a tree trunk, a big boulder y tambien habia a splash pad. Los chamacos (y parents) enjoyed pizza, esnacks y cupcakes. Fue un afternoon perfecto.

Al rato, we headed back home to get ready for… DATE NIGHT! Luckily para nosotros, mi cunado and his novia came to watch los chamacos while we escaped to the Mas Festival. History in the making with that one: GTA’s first largest outdoor Latin Festival! Obviamente I purchased tickets in advance for both dias, pero I knew I wanted to go sabado en la noche with only mi esposo. Asi we could actually see everything, shop for some merch, have some cervezas y gozar la musica with a few chingon performances. Felt like los buenos tiempos we used to enjoy more consistently.

Otra vez, I found myself reminiscing and reflecting. De como we used to be, how things have changed, pero igual, how our amor hasn’t. Somewhere tucked away, behind all the things that need tending and attention is the spark. The spark that ignited all that we have ahora. We may not always see its’ glow, pero we feel it. It’s what binds us together and what keeps us going. I’d like to let that glow shine more seguido. We both would, y por eso we keep trying to make more consistent Date Nights.

Date Nights: They’re not what they used to be. Jajaja. Not to sound so negativa, pero es la verdad. Antes de tener chamacos, you could go out whenever you wanted to, take your time alisteandote and stay out hasta que te daba la gana. Ahora, it takes MUCH planning. Making sure all schedules are free, yours, your partner’s and the babysitter’s. Tienes que dejar everything ready, making sure it will be as smooth as can be for them, and leaving all numbers in case of emergncias. Getting ready while still chasing after y gritandoles a tus chamacos is definitely a different vibe. Jajaja. I’m already sweating and am exhausted, let’s just stay en casa no? Jajaja, Noooooo!

Okay, ya saliste – you’ve made it out the door. Ahora you can enjoy checking your phone constatamente for any mensajes or calls – and also checking in on them to make sure they’re behaving, if they only had the esnacks left out and if they are asleep. Despues, you’re left to wonder: is it too late? They probably want to go home now too. We better head home. Jajaja. Ay ay ayyyyyy.

Pero igual, I’ll take it! Date Nights para nosotros are RARE. We siempre talk about making the effort, establishing ideas that creemos will help us be more consistent, pero en verdad – once la rutina gets going again, la vida just seems to take over and we fall off again. Tambien, we don’t have very many opciones for babysitters either. Como mis papas don’t live here, they’re out the question. Mis suegros, pues they do watch them the most, pero they also care for Mireya during the week while we’re en el trabajo so we always feel bad asking them to watch them en las tardes y fines. Our other go tos are mi cunado and his novia, as I mentioned. They’re great con los chamacos and they always have a blast. Pero igual, they have their own vidas going on and we don’t want to interfere much con eso. We take what we can.

Como es verano, I’m determined to make more “us” time. Empece with this Mas Festival, purchasing tickets for both days ensured that we would HAVE to go and stay committed. Jajaja. It was so chill and so fun, we can’t wait for next weekend: JLo Concert! We’re on a roll. Ojala if we make this a good habit during el verano, it will carry into the fall with us when we start back en el trabajo.

Domingo: Dia de descanso… yeah right! Jajaja We had made plans a couple weeks ago to go see the Toy Story 4 pelicula with Mireya’s Madrina y su familia. It was so fun and cute! Los chamacos had a great time mashing palomitas and M&M’s. En la tarde we headed back to the Mas Festival con los chamacos this time. Lo bueno is that there were a few inflatables for the chamacos to keep entertained with, entonces we burned some energia there first. Al ratito we grabbed some helados (ice cream) from the ice cream truck. Obviamente there was no way around that one with los chamacos. Then, el baile. Mireya and Javi danced their feet off!! No me lo imaginaba, pero they had more fun with the live musica and dancing in and around the crowds than anything else. Unos churros to refuel y a bailar otra vez. They were ZONKED.

Lunes: Happy Canada Day! Pues, since we had such a fun filled fin de semana already, we had to catch up on some casa chores. Ponte a limpiar! Jajaja. Laundry, mopping, vaccuuming, groceries and la cena made by 2pm. Los chamacos napped for 2 hours!! No te digo, they were done! Jajaja Y con eso, it made for some spontaneous chill time para mi y mi esposo. Jejeje Keep it PG ya’ll!! Jajaja. Y para acabar, we headed up to Stouffville for the Strawberry Festival. Aunque there was nothing strawberry, los chamacos went on a couple of rides and played a game, while mi esposo enjoyed some comida de los food trucks.

Intente de poner los chamacos to bed on time, seeing as we all start classes tomorrow. I have an AQ (Religion Part 2) at the board office, Javi empieza Spanish School y Mireya will do a preschool class at the community centre. Ay ay ayyyy, pero that didn’t work out as planned. I had them bathed, en pijama and laying down pero nobody was sleeping. Y Javi kept asking me about the Fire Works. Puuuuuuessss I snuck them downstairs, mientras daddy was training in the basement, y vimos the Smurfs pelicula while we ate palomitas jajaja. Wh0ops! Pero it’s verano!

Y, el ultimo momento of reminiscing/reflecting occurred: I have two chamacos. Not bebesitos, ni toddlers – bueno, Mireya is still a toddler – pero Javi is like a real chamaco. So fast. All the feels. We have real conversations now, y el me cuenta everything about his day, his amigos, his stories and songs, y ahora he will start Spanish School… solito.

I’m so nervous y me me siento muy excited for all these new things happening, pero it’s so bittersweet. Ending the school year, enjoying the long weekend and entering a new stage en nuestra vida is so overwhelming of mixed emotions!! Siento como si I want to rewind time, pause el presente and fast forward to el futuro all at the same time. Supongo that’s why I take so many pictures, para guardar pieces del pasado. Supongo that’s why I step back and soak up all the moments in the present porque like Aerosmith, I don’t wanna miss a thing. Y supongo that’s why I pray and hecherle ganas every day para el futuro.

No importa how you experience your reminiscing moments and reflections, as long as you do it. Tal vez they’re not brought upon you in the same modo que yo, y that’s okay. I just hope you also have moments where you can experience the “stepped back” perspective en tu vida and really take it all in, the good and the bad, lo facil y lo dificil, y tambien all the amor that surrounds you. Con ganas.

*Pic from IG @andapalpr <– & grab yourself a cute bolsita. De nada!

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